The Eyes Of A Preachers Wife

I have to say never in a million years did I ever think I would be a preachers wife. When I became a Christian, I never knew the journey it would take Chris and me on as a couple. I certainly didn’t know what to expect and how much this journey would change us both. It has had its ups and downs for sure and has taught us both so many things. I cannot begin to express how much I have grown spiritually as well, which has been a blessing.

I was so proud when Chris became a minister and was able to preach at his first congregation. Still not knowing what to expect, I try and have tried to be the best wife I can be by supporting him through prayer and encouragement. Something I certainly have is a whole new appreciation of what a preacher deals with and my eyes have been opened so much. I threw away those rose colored glasses that I had worn. I had never been behind the scenes. Before, I was always the one who showed up to services, heard the lesson and then left. Never giving a second thought of the preparation that went into the message the preacher spoke and the other things that came along with preaching. Preachers are called upon at all hours of the day and night. Most people don’t know or even realize that being a minister is not just preparing a lesson. He is there when people want private prayers, when some want just to talk about what’s going on in their life, marriage counseling, at home bible studies, etc. The preacher takes on the burdens of others to help. Why??? Simply, because he loves them and their soul.

A minister is serving God and is on the front lines winning people to Christ, which can put a huge target on his back. The enemy will throw everything at him to get a preacher to quit and sadly some finally do, because it becomes too stressful for some to handle. I have not only seen the struggles first hand on my husbands side, but from other preachers as well. I have seen many great preachers quit and it’s such sad news and unfortunately, it is an all to common occurrence. The job of a preacher can be 24/7 and carry unique challenges. I sit in the background but my view is clear.

So what is it that I see you ask? First of all I see:

1.The hours spent preparing. People look to the preacher for answers and think that the preacher should know it all. Preachers don’t get their knowledge from just skimming the Bible. They put countless hours studying, dissecting and memorizing scripture, something all Christians should do by the way. Preachers know they will be held accountable for teaching false information to the flock. This is something that is taken very serious by every preacher of the gospel I know.

2.They get discouraged. This is a big one. Did you know that preachers get discouraged frequently? They are so passionate about what they preach and teach and it discourages them when people don’t take God’s Word seriously. Honestly it can discourage other Christians as well. Lack of attendance, lack of fellowship, lack of interest, it discourages all preachers and teachers of the Word. But the bigger picture is, what do you think it does to God? Even the apostle Paul was discouraged. I personally have to remind Chris about what 1 Corinthians 3:6 says. It’s hard to not discouraged, I get discouraged with him as well sometimes, but only because I see how much he loves people and their soul. I see how hard he tries and gets knocked down. Discouragement is from Satan and will cause many good preachers to quit. A victory for Satan.

3.They are criticized. It seems to be a growing issue and preachers seem to be experiencing greater challenges today. Of course it’s not a new issue, it’s always been. Even Jesus was criticized. Unfortunately, most of the issues of conflict are not doctrinal issues, they are mostly trivial issues. Sometimes preachers have to turn down the volume of their critics and turn up sensitivity to God’s words.

4.They are passionate. Preachers are so passionate about the Bible and what they preach. People seem to always think the preacher is “beating them up”, when in fact it is quite the opposite. They want people to take God’s Word as seriously as they do. We should all take His Word seriously and obey, but a lot of people don’t. Folks, preachers are not up in the pulpit to “scold you”, they preach to get you to do better, to think about how you are living so we can go to heaven together.

Despite all the things listed, preachers love what they do. Preachers love God and love people. They get to pray for people, be there for those struggling, lead people to Jesus Christ, and teach the Word about God. Next time you assemble for services, Thank your preacher for his work and ministry. Honor them to others. Let your preacher know you are praying for him and support him. Good sound preachers are very hard to find today. So if you think just preaching a sermon is all a minister does, I hope this enlightens you to the truth and what I see as a wife of a preacher.

Thank you to all the preachers and teachers of Gods Word!

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