My name is Sheila Reecer and I have been married to my husband Chris Reecer since 2002. We have lived in Cookeville TN for 14 years. He is the pulpit minister at Oak Grove church of Christ in Moss, TN.  I have been a Christian since February 2003. I currently work fulltime for Averitt Express as a worker’s comp adjuster.  I am a contributor to a wonderful blog “Perspectives Of A Preachers Wife” (https://ofabondservant.com/category/perspectives-of-a-preachers-wife/) I currently teach our adult ladies class at our congregation and I enjoy it so very much. I have wanted to start a blog for a long time because it seems in a world of everything online, maybe I can reach people using God word and personal experiences.  My prayer is that maybe that something that I share will bring people closer to Christ and seek to know His Word.





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